We supply all kinds of Copper Mould Tubes & Plates of all sizes and dimensions, produced exactly as per the required drawing.

Mould Tubes


Mould Plates


Raw Material of Copper Mould Tubes :-

first To provide mould tubes with optimal physical and mechanical properties to customers’ specifications, mould tube products are supplied of the following materials:
1. Cu-DHP: normally used for mould tubes section size below 180x180mm and round tubes below Dia.150mm.
2. Cu-Ag: normally used for mould tube section size above 180x180mm and round tubes above Dia.150mm.
3. Cu-Cr-Zr: Normally used for beam blank mould tubes

These materials have different levels of hardness and thermal conductivities. We are highly experienced in choosing proper materials to meet the specific demands in heat resistance and thermal conductivities of customers’ applications. The physical and mechanical properties of these materials are compared in details in the following tables:





The Taper of Copper Mould  is of vital importance to the performance and life.

We supply Copper Moulds of best suitable tapers and stronger anti-wearing plating for copper mould tubes and mould plates.

Ranging from Single Taper, Double Taper, Triple Taper to Multiple Taper we supply all variants.

Each mould taper is tested by the computer-operated taper monitor and the taper graph for each mould tube is delivered along with mould tubes.


We can also supply Parabolic Taper Mould Tube for High Speed Casting.



The Coating on the Moulds is the most important constituent of the Copper Moulds. To increase the life time of copper moulds, JSM provides uniform mould interior surface plating with suitable hardness.We use hard chrome plating which provides life of mould tubes.The thickness recommended by us will be controlled in the best range.

As for the coating of copper mould plates, based on our years of experience, we are able to provide Chrome Coating, Ni-Cr coating, Ni-Fe coating and Ni-Co coating to meet the demand of various customers.