About Us

PRIME Group is the most prominent Supplier of Highest Quality Copper Moulds.

Our JSM Copper Moulds are most reliable in the critical area of its application, assuring high performance and operational efficiency.

With our High Manufacturing standards, we are the Largest Suppliers of quality Copper Mould Tubes & Plates. With huge supply ability we offer a rich technical expertise to all our clients as a memento of our best services at all times.


We are a regular vendor to almost all Large, Small and Medium Steel producers of World and our products are well approved by them.

With strict adherence to Perfect Taper, accurate Chrome plating, best mechanization, Quality Control, our Moulds are technically most efficient.

HIGH QUALITY moulds are supplied, that can survive MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HEATS and also letting smooth operation of Billet Casters.

“JSM Copper Moulds ensures more than just quality.
It ensures peace of mind.”

We supply the Highest Quality Copper Moulds at very economical prices and in a prompt delivery time.

STANDARISATION, QUALITY CONTROL and extensive RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is our policy to which we strictly adhere to achieve always better.

We are equipped with all modern mechanizations like hardness tester, ultrasonic inspection tester, material analysis detector and other high tech instruments for inspecting and analyzing composition of Copper Moulds.


“JSM” Copper Moulds come with perfect Taper, monitored meticulously by super computers guarantying swift operation of Billet Casters.

We have complete electro-plating facilities, to provide accurate Chrome plating to the Moulds, necessary for better heat resistance of the Moulds.



Copper Moulds are the most essential part of a Continuous Casting Machine.

These help in solidifying Liquid Metal in Continuous Casting Machine for producing Steel Billets or Blooms.Copper Mould Tubes are situated in the heart of continuous casting machine. Mould requires extreme high thermal-conductivity and high strength. The molten steel will be formed into a certain shaped steel billets immediately after it passes through the copper mould tube.

Molten metal is tapped into the ladle from furnaces.

From the ladle, the hot metal is transferred via a refractory shroud (pipe) to a holding bath called a tundish.

Metal is drained from the tundish through another shroud into the top of an open-base copper mould.

Thus Quality for Copper Moulds is of prime importance.

Besides basic function of shaping and solidifying the steel strand, copper mould tube is of great influence on the economics of continuous casting lines. Not only the cost, service life of copper mould tube and quality of cast product are also considered as important factors by the users. Therefore, suitable mould design as well as study of continuous casters and working conditions is making stringent demands on the manufacturers.


High quality “JSM” copper moulds we offer, having maximum durability, highest heat resistivity & ensuring efficient billet casting.

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